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How does My Eco Wrap work? 

Our beeswax blend combines Certified Organic NZ beeswax, tree resin, and coconut oil to create a self-adhesive cloth which can be shaped around food and dishes to seal in freshness. By using the warmth of your hands to mold My Eco Wrap around your food or bowl, you are allowing your food to breathe in the most natural way possible.

What foods can I use with My Eco Wrap?

My Eco Wrap works well with a variety of food and vegetables. They are popular for wrapping cheeses, breads and leftovers and also make great additions to your lunch box for sandwiches and snacks.

Because My Eco Wrap allows food to breathe rather than sweat, they are great for keeping almost anything you would have in the fridge keep for longer. Try them with avocados, cucumbers, fresh herbs, left overs etc.

How does My Eco Wrap help the environment?

We are proud to say that My Eco Wraps are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free of toxins. All our packaging is kept to a minimum to reduce waste. My Eco Wrap is biodegradable and can even be put in the compost when their lifespan is up.

Where is My Eco Wrap made?

Each wrap is loving handcrafted right here in Auckland, New Zealand. We source local ingredients as much as possible, and even use a large range of fabrics designed here in New Zealand. Though we sell and ship worldwide, we believe that supporting local suppliers and businesses is important to the integrity of our product.

How should I clean My Eco Wrap?

We recommend rinsing My Eco Wrap in cool water and an eco-friendly detergent. They are easily dried on a dish rack or hung to dry in the shade. 

Can I use My Eco Wrap with raw meats?

Because My Eco Wrap should not be washed in hot water, it is best not to wrap meat, or to use My Eco Wrap on foods that require a thorough washing off for hygienic reasons.

Will My Eco Wrap alter the taste of my food?

Beeswax has a strong and beautiful aroma, however, using My Eco Wrap will not alter the taste of foods. Initially you will notice a strong scent, but over time this smell of beeswax will lessen.

Will My Eco Wrap leave a mark on my crockery / tableware?

Due to the natural properties of our ingredients, a slight waxy residue may be left on dishes / glassware after each initial use. This can be washed away with gentle detergent and a sponge or scourer, and also washes away well in the dishwasher.

How long does My Eco Wrap last?

A single wrap will last between 6-8 months or more. They are reusable, so you can rest assured that you will be saving a great amount of single-use plastic in a wrap's single life-time. 

These are the most common questions we get asked about our product. If you have a question that you think should feature on this page, please let us know by email at