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Our Story

How it began...

In early 2018, in preparation for our overseas trips to visit family in Europe, we looked into the idea of creating our own reusable food wrap to take as gifts. We wanted our gifts to be unique and handcrafted, we wanted them to have a relatable purpose and we wanted them to be useful and well received - what better gift to give than the gift of reducing waste right?

After months of recipe testing and trial and error, we came up with a product that is bright & colourful, that seals in freshness, that is efficient, that is biodegradable and purposeful in reducing single-use plastic waste, all while keeping your food fresher than ever.

We practice a high standard of quality throughout our processes; you can be sure that each wrap is handcrafted with love. 

Who we are...

We are two mums. We are the CEOs of our households, the personal chefs of picky eaters, the laundry machine operators. We are the toy repair experts and the play-date coordinators. We are the backyard safety patrol, the 'ouchie' fixers and the never-ending hug & kiss dispensers. We are also great friends to each other, and the ladies behind My Eco Wrap, and we are passionate about living a more sustainable lifestyle and about leaving the environment in a better state for our beautiful children.

My Eco Wrap looks good, feels good and smells good (thank you Honey Bees), and we are proud to say that among our other daily 'roles', we handcraft a product that inspires us to live a more conscious life.

We hope that you and your family enjoy using My Eco Wrap as much as we do, and that these little handcrafted delights will not only add a splash of colour and a touch of fun to your homes, but will inspire you to live a more conscious life too.

Shireen & Thibah